[Building Materials Knowledge] What are the stair accessories?

Accessories are indispensable for the composition of the stairs, and a small accessory may also affect the structure of the entire staircase. Next Xiaobian will tell you about the accessories of the stairs and hope to help everyone.

The composition of the stairs

Stair section

The number of steps on each stairway must not exceed 18 levels and not less than 3 levels.

2. Stairs platform

Stair platforms are divided into floor platforms and intermediate platforms according to their location.

3. Railings (bars) and handrails

The railings (handrails) are enclosure members installed on the stair section and on the air side of the platform. They should have a certain strength and rigidity, and should be provided with handrails for hand support at the upper part. [1] Handrails are continuous fittings at the top of the railing for people to step up and down the stairs.

What are the stair accessories?

1, stair treads

Stepping is the cornerstone that carries us up and down, the most basic and important components of the stairs, and we must pay attention to the stepping material. Demes proposed using solid wood material as the tread board for the stairs, especially in the northern regions, due to the swell caused by wet and dry, it will cause the tread board deformation and cracking. Once deformed, it not only affects beauty, but also affects the safety factor. Usually the tread plate will use finger-joint plate or glass, finger joint plate deformation is very small, not easy to crack, and have a high weight bearing capacity. The need to pay attention is that when the finger board is made of a tread board, the appearance is usually treated by painting, the same as the composite floor, and the tread board treated by the appearance has a wear-resistant, non-slip function. If the home is often in a situation of high temperature and high humidity, then it is not recommended to use a fingerboard as a stepping board to select the glass; the stress of the tempered glass is relatively high, to help you avoid security concerns.

2, stair railings (handrails)

The railing is also an essential part of modern home stair decoration and design. Especially in the case of children and the elderly in the home, there are railings to ensure the safety of the up and down stairs. The railings must be designed with consideration of the distance between railings and handrail heights. The number of handrails and the resistance of the railings. And the combination of railings and stairs must be firm.

3, stair keel

The design of different keels for different stairs is different. Regardless of the type of keel used to design the stairs, it is necessary to pay attention to the stability of the stairs and the phenomenon of people walking on the stairs cannot be seen.

In addition to the above, there are some details that need attention, such as the noise coming up and down the stairs, we must choose to produce a relatively small noise material as a pedal, there is the gradient and width of the stairs, should not be too high or too narrow.

4, staircase column

Staircase pillars are products that form a domestic stair barrier from Europe. They are support pillars that connect stairs and handrails. The common combination of guardrails composed of staircase columns are: staircase columns + glass + handrails, stair columns + tie rods + armrests, and steel guardrails and full wooden guardrails.

5, General column

The starting pillar at the start of the balustrade is generally larger than the large pillar. The first step of the army column is more important. It plays a role in stabilizing the handrails. In addition, it controls the overall situation. The style, effect, charm and luxury of the entire staircase are all dominated by it. It is said to be the general column because the pillars on the steps are smaller than it is. They are all "leaded" by it. In the first step, it is vital to stabilize the handrails. Like a general, they call it " General column."

6, large column

The pillar is a supporting pillar that connects the stairs and handrails and plays a very important role in the modern staircase guardrail. The big pillar is at the corner of the railing. It takes two handrails or big pillars that make up the armrests.

The above is a brief introduction for Xiaobian. If you want to know more related information, please continue to pay attention to Qijia Consulting. More exciting consultation, please stay tuned.

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