Bathroom tiles can't afford waterproof construction is the key

Bathroom tiles can't afford to lose, and waterproof has a lot to do! The following is a case study of brick bricks after Shunyi waterproof mortar bricks. Through this case, let's take a look at the precautions for laying and installing the bathroom tiles.

Shunyi waterproof mortar brick after the brick case sharing

Time: September 2015 Location: Shunyi District, Beijing

Contact person: Mr. Xu

Product: Mortar waterproof coating

Need to solve the problem: The use of mortar waterproof products, paste bricks after 3 months empty drums, requiring the construction site to identify the reasons for losing bricks.

The scene is as follows:

The project is located in Shunyi District, Beijing. The waterproof construction of all the toilets in a building has a construction area of ​​over a thousand square meters. They did not have any problems before doing the same work. After three months of large-scale construction, there was a brick falling phenomenon, which was divided into tiles directly. With the tile adhesive off, tile adhesive tile adhesive and waterproof layer together with the two situations.

When asked to arrive at the scene, another project was constructed by the engineering team and there was no problem. In this project, they built themselves, waterproof mortar only brushed twice, no wet base layer before painting, and the waterproof coating was thin, no strength, splashed water on the detached base layer, no water absorption phenomenon; they used waterproof mortar as vitrification The glue of the brick, first put the waterproof mortar on the back of the tile, then paste it with tile adhesive.

The site photos are as follows:

Analysis of missing bricks:

1. There is no wetting of the base layer before painting, which will cause the base layer to rapidly suck away the emulsion in the waterproof mortar, so that the coating film has no strength, splash water on the detached base layer, no water absorption phenomenon also indicates that the emulsion has penetrated into the base layer; waterproof mortar Only brushing twice, waterproof coating is very thin, will reduce the coating strength, because the coating has no strength, it led to the tiles empty drum off.

2. The water absorption rate of vitrified tiles is extremely low. The waterproof mortar is not suitable for application. When the adhesive is applied on the back of the vitrified tiles, it is out of the glue. This is beyond the scope of use of the waterproof mortar. The waterproof mortar cannot bond well to the back of the tiles, but becomes The separation between the tile and the tile adhesive will cause the tiles to fall off directly from the tile adhesive.

critical result:

It is not the brick falling problem caused by the unqualified material quality. It is due to the lack of wetting of the base layer before the waterproof construction and the thin coating film that results in the lack of strength of the coating film. The workers put the waterproof mortar that is not suitable for use as a vitrified tile adhesive. Caused by tiling on the back of the tile.

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