And Wo: Interpretation of the most meticulous living room

Hehe Furniture Newsletter The living room is the facade of the home, and it is also the place where the family leisure party. How to create a living room where people gather, the knowledge of Feng Shui is indispensable. Let's learn the common sense of Feng Shui in the living room.


First, the living room can not be cornered

The living room can't be cornered or cut, that is to say, its pattern is preferably square or rectangular, the seat area can't be washed to the corner, and there should be no beam above the sofa. If there is a prominent corner of the house to release the dark arrow, you can set up a bonsai or hang a Chinese knot to resolve. Some friends decorate the wall or corner cabinet, side cabinet, barn, porch, etc. in the living room, then, please note: don't cut corners, otherwise there will be a lot of troubles in the future. Remember that the corner of the living room needs to be conditioned.

Second, the living room can not directly rush to the gate

The living room can't go straight to the door. Otherwise, it will lightly leak the emotions and hurt the people. Therefore, there is a need for occlusion. Such as porch, curtains and so on. Be careful to use the gossip mirror to hang over the gate, and you can't bother with Evergrande. It can be conditioned by methods such as dragon turtles, toads, and other town houses.

Third, the living room carefully placed flowers and plants

Some friends are very strange, why is the living room carefully placed with flowers? Because the flowers are placed carelessly, it will affect your fortune including emotions. Because you don't know if you are suitable for placing flowers and plants, assuming you have more than five lines, then it is not suitable because of that. In addition, a unique tree and flowers are easy to form a "sleepy" scene, to be prevented.

Fourth, the living room sofa can not be behind the back

If your sofa is a corner sofa, and some sofas are placed by the window or by the door, then it is best not to use this sofa too much. It is advisable to use the sofa behind you as much as possible. Don't say more about the truth.

Fifth, the living room carefully placed the trash can

Some friends may be wondering why the living room is cautiously placed in the trash can? Do you not have a trash can? Isn't it very inconvenient? Here to remind friends, the living room can be placed in the trash can, but be cautious: the trash can can not be placed on the financial position, can not be placed in the throne, can be placed above the decline is the most detailed living room feng shui related Information, want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to Hehe furniture

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