Analysis of Security Construction Demands and Difficulties in Light Industry Production Plants

In the past decade or so, with the deepening of reform and opening up and the rapid development of economic levels, more and more companies have begun to pay attention to the construction of their own security systems. As the core operating area of ​​a company, the security construction of a company's factory building is undoubtedly the focus of corporate security construction. So, what is the current security situation and problems encountered by domestic enterprises' plants? What is the demand for security construction? What are the functional effects achieved after the completion of the system? We will discuss the above issues together.

Security Status and Problems of Domestic Factory Buildings

The development of new security technologies has led to the popularization of security products in all aspects of social production and life. As an industry-based manufacturing and manufacturing company, on the one hand, it is necessary to improve product quality and establish its own brand; on the other hand, it is necessary to increase production efficiency, reduce production costs, and increase competitiveness. Among them, the importance of production process monitoring has become increasingly prominent. Therefore, unified management of video surveillance, sharing of information resources, and ensuring the normal operation of all aspects of production have become one of the most concerned issues of enterprises, but at the present stage, the Security construction also faces the following problems.

System integration is not high

Enterprise plant security system integration mainly includes two aspects, one is the system integration between internal security equipment, such as video surveillance systems and access control attendance, alarm, fire system integration linkage is poor, between the various devices are still running independently. The other is that the system integration between security systems and enterprise production, operation, and management systems is not high. The security monitoring system cannot provide service functions such as production management and productivity enhancement, and can not maximize the role of the plant security monitoring system.

Security construction plan is not targeted

Different factory environments require different types of security equipment. For example, heavy industrial production and manufacturing sites have more obvious requirements for equipment such as anti-seismic and anti-electromagnetic interference; chemical type factories have higher requirements for anti-corrosion of equipment. However, the existing enterprise plant security construction plan is often not targeted and cannot provide detailed and targeted solutions based on the actual plant environment.

System architecture is simple and small

The security protection of existing plants is often limited to video surveillance and simple perimeter alarms. The function is more inclined to playback video and video, and the architecture is simple and small. For example, video surveillance systems for enterprise plants, front-end cameras are often based on analog cameras, centralized management through hard disk video recorders. Then the system appears to be more passive in terms of Internet remote viewing, production process management, and so on.

There is no integration and expression of new technologies

The security industry is developing rapidly, but some emerging technologies and new products are difficult to apply to the construction of the plant security system at the first time. The intelligent video analysis system can realize cross-line detection, area detection, and artifact legacy detection of personnel in the area; face recognition technology can realize face recognition and detection of employees entering and exiting the plant entrance through high-definition cameras, as well as SDI technology. Rising, these are difficult to quickly integrate into the building of the security system.

The system's scalability and compatibility are poor

With the increase in the number of years of system construction, the original system of the enterprise has poor scalability and compatibility, which often results in the incompatibility of the system of the late-stage construction and the previous system, resulting in the waste of previous investments.

Analysis of Plant Security Construction Demand

The rapid development of the security industry provides a relatively broad external environment for the construction of enterprise security systems. However, different types of enterprises often have different security building requirements. Now we analyze the common security needs of the company's factory buildings.

safety guard

The important purpose of the building security monitoring system is to safeguard security, especially to prevent and stop the occurrence of economic theft crimes. Through the addition of access control cards, installation of alarm detectors and video surveillance cameras at the entrances and exits of the factory building, full monitoring of the entrances and exits can be achieved. At the same time, 24-hour monitoring can be applied to key areas to ensure the safety of corporate public property.

Production Attendance Management

By installing access points at the entrances and exits of factory buildings, access management and attendance management for employees are realized. At the same time, through the installation of cameras in the workshop, we can understand the working conditions of each workshop and the production line of the assembly line; some workshops need to realize unattended operation due to the harmful environment of the working environment. This requires remote monitoring of the production process. At the same time, the security platform can be interfaced with the enterprise's production ERP system to provide services for the company's safe production and management.

Corporate leadership remote management
Business managers can visit the company's related resources through the corporate network or the Internet, whether they are on business trips or in the field. They can keep abreast of the real-time production status of various production processes, handle emergencies, and manage and supervise the production process.

Remote monitoring

For large and medium-sized trans-regional enterprises, in addition to establishing a network security system locally, it is also necessary to build a branch security monitoring system to integrate them into a single entity, and each subsystem is no longer operating independently.

System Integration and Integration Management

The construction of enterprise security systems involves many subsystems such as video surveillance, access control, alarm, and fire protection. If these subsystems operate independently, it is obviously inconvenient for enterprise managers. Therefore, the construction of enterprise security systems needs to be platformized and unified, integrate all subsystems for unified management, and realize the sharing and management of information resources. The integrated security system platform can be interfaced with the enterprise ERP system to serve the normal production and management of the enterprise.

Analysis on Application of Security Protection in Enterprise Factory

With the introduction of more and more modern management methods, security construction has become an important part of modern enterprise management methods. Based on some of the author's application experiences, companies should consider the following points when building a security system.

Information Collection
The front-end signal acquisition of the enterprise plant security system includes various inputs such as video, audio, and alarm. From the front-end equipment, it can use alarms, cameras, access control, and video encoders to achieve information collection and ensure system compatibility. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to selecting different types of equipment for different use places (electromagnetic interference, light intensity, etc.) to ensure the system effect.

Information transfer

The control information, inspection information, alarm information and video information are transmitted to the control via the wired or wireless transmission medium, such as codec, modulation and demodulation, optical/electrical or digital/analog conversion. Equipment, centralized management and control.

Information transmission can be wired or wired (optical fiber, coaxial cable, telecommunication broadband, etc.) or wireless (microwave, spread spectrum/frequency hopping, public wireless broadband, etc.) transmission methods individually or in combination.

Real-time image browsing and alarm device management

Enterprise management personnel can control the on-demand playback of images on demand and image capture by specifying equipment and channels for real-time video on demand and arming and disarming of alarm devices. After the security system platform and enterprise ERP system are docked, management of the security system can be realized through the enterprise production management system.

Storage and backup

In order to ensure the backup and storage of the video information, alarm information, operation logs and other data of the plant security system, centralized double backup of important data is convenient for investigation and evidence collection. At the same time, the stored data can be accessed according to authorization in the network system. Information stored in the system should be kept for more than 30 days for post-mortem investigation and forensics. Backup of dedicated storage devices can be configured to store information that needs to be stored for a long time.

Historical image retrieval and playback

According to the specified equipment, channel, time, alarm information and other elements, the management personnel retrieve the historical image file and play it back so that the accident can be investigated. Playback can support normal playback, fast playback, slow playback, picture pause, image capture, and more. Supports continuous playback of playback images.

Alarm and credit card linkage

The alarm linkage function of the system refers to the audio and video and alarm information that can be switched to the corresponding part when the alarm occurs, prompting the on-duty personnel to quickly process and record; for the camera of the entrance and exit, it can achieve the backup of the brush door and the card linkage to capture the photo backup, and should also Supports alarm linkage interfaces with other business systems.

Intelligent Analysis and Biometrics
For some key areas of the plant or forbidden to enter the area during a certain period of time, intelligent analysis products can be used to monitor and support the line alarm or area detection alarm. When a moving object enters the corresponding area, the system will automatically make the alarm Remind the on-duty personnel to deal with it.

For the entrances and exits of key areas of factories and important places, conditional areas can use face recognition technology to provide uniform control of access personnel.

Reserved expansion interface

After the construction of the enterprise plant security system is completed, an expansion interface shall be reserved to meet the increase of monitoring points in the future and the need for access to other systems.

The security building of a company's factory building is an increasingly important part of the company's modern management process. Therefore, when the company conducts security construction, it is necessary to choose a construction plan that suits its own enterprise according to its own actual situation, and to manage its own production and operation. service.

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