American scientists use graphene to increase lithium-ion battery capacity

American scientists use graphene to increase lithium-ion battery capacity

The molecular structure of graphene.

According to foreign media reports, the research team of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) of the United States used a new approach to construct a porous layered graphene that can be used in lithium air batteries. The shape of the graphene structure based on bubble is similar to that of broken eggshell, which can greatly increase the energy storage capacity of the lithium-air battery, and is expected to replace the traditional smooth graphene sheet used in electric vehicles in the future and solve the problem of common graphene in use. Difficult to be blocked by particles. The relevant research report was published in the recently published "Nano Express" magazine.

Researchers said that self-assembled multilayer graphene sheets are not only ideal for lithium-air batteries, but also can be applied to many other potential energy storage areas. In addition, new graphene materials will not rely on platinum or other precious metals, which can effectively reduce costs and environmental impact.

Lithium-air batteries can support long-range electric vehicles. Although their own weight is light, their applications are still limited by actual energy storage capacity and poor cycle life. This study shows how to maximize the battery capacity. Materialists say that this is critical for applications in the field of electric vehicles and energy storage.

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