Aluminum alloy wire types

[China Aluminum Network] The commonly used aluminum alloy Wire types are as follows:

1. High-strength aluminum alloy wire High-strength aluminum alloy wire is an aluminum alloy product that adds elemental magnesium and silicon to aluminum and obtains sufficient strength, plasticity and electrical properties after processing deformation and heat treatment. It is used in aluminum alloy power transmission lines. Large, widely used aluminum alloy varieties. The conductivity of high-strength aluminum alloy wire is 53%IACS, and the strength is nearly double that of ordinary aluminum wire, and the aluminum alloy single wire strength is more than 300Mpa. The strength of ordinary aluminum single wire is 150~170Mpa, aluminum alloy wire has greater strength in terms of strength.

2, heat-resistant aluminum alloy wire Heat-resistant aluminum alloy is divided into heat-resisting aluminum alloys with a conductivity of 58% IACS and a highly conductive heat-resistant aluminum alloy that is also alloyed with aluminum. Since the wire is used at 150°C compared to 90°C, the current-carrying capacity can be increased by 61 to 69%. Therefore, a heat-resistant aluminum alloy can be used as a compatibilizing wire. The high-strength properties of high-strength, heat-resistant aluminum alloy wire can improve the dynamic stability in the event of a short circuit or overload; its heat resistance can improve thermal stability. The super-heat-resistant aluminum alloys and ultra-high-heat-resistant aluminum alloys to be developed can further increase the current carrying capacity and heat resistance of the wires, and further increase the long-term use temperature to 180°C, 210°C, and 230°C.


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