Air-conditioning copper tube price air-conditioning copper tube welding skills and welding precautions

Air conditioner is one of the essential electrical products for every family, because it is used more frequently in the hot summer. There are many internal materials for air conditioners. Among them, air conditioner copper pipes are an important part of air conditioners . Many people do n’t know much about air conditioner copper pipe prices . Let's take a look!

First, the price of air conditioning copper pipe

Air conditioner copper pipe is divided into liquid pipe and air pipe. Its process is divided into extrusion process and stretching process. There is no specific standard for the price of air conditioner copper pipe. Different manufacturers and different process prices will vary. The price ranges from 100 yuan / meter to 300 yuan / meter. The price of copper tubes for air conditioning will be affected by many factors. You can consult your local dealer when purchasing.

2. Welding skills of air conditioning copper tubes

1. Clean or flare the surface of the pipe to be welded. The flare should be smooth, burr-free, and uniform in thickness. Then use sandpaper to polish the welded copper pipe, otherwise it will affect the solder flow and welding quality.

2. Insert the welded copper tubes into each other, pay attention to the size when inserting, and align the center of the circle.

3. Preheat the welded parts first, and then heat the copper tube welding place, and wait for it to be purple-red when it is heated, and then use the silver electrode to weld. Put the solder against the solder joint and let it flow into the soldered copper part.

4. In order to shorten the welding time, use a strong flame to quickly weld to prevent too much oxide generated in the pipeline, too much oxide will be dirty, and the compressor will be damaged.

3. Precautions for welding of air conditioning copper pipes

1. When the solder solidifies, it is necessary to move the copper tube during soldering, otherwise the soldered part will crack.

2. It is necessary to wait for the refrigerant of the R12 refrigeration system to be drained when welding, otherwise the R12 refrigerant will produce toxic phosgene when it encounters an open flame, which is harmful to the human body.

3. In order to ensure the firmness of the entire circuit, the unit and the condenser should use oxygen welding.

4. Both the air pipe and the liquid pipe must be insulated, and for the sake of beauty, they should be arranged on the same plane, and do not overlap part of the pipe on the other part of the pipe.

5. The air pipe should be inclined towards the condenser, so that after shutdown, the oil and refrigerant cannot flow back into the machine.

6. If the straight copper pipe needs to be annealed before bending, it should be stamped elbow welding. When cutting copper pipes, a special copper pipe cutter should be used instead of a hacksaw blade saw.

Editor's summary: The above is about the price of air-conditioning copper pipe , air-conditioning copper pipe welding skills and welding precautions. Through the above content, everyone also has some understanding of the price of air-conditioning copper pipe and welding skills, and hope to help everyone.

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Air conditioning copper tube price

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