5 Coups that Let Sunlight Improve Lighting A little

After the winter has passed, we haven't seen a few days of good weather. In the rainy days, the temperature is not high. People miss the sunshine. Sunshine is important to people and provides the survival for humanity. Now, house prices are getting higher and higher, and there are more and more small-sized houses. Many small-sized houses have poor orientation and the indoor space is small, resulting in poor lighting. How to solve the problem of improving lighting? It may be useful for you to provide you with a few small tricks.

Improve lighting and small coup 1. Remove all obstacles

In small rooms with windows, removing the furniture around the sill can improve lighting. You must clean up the window sills to prevent debris or flowers from occupying the light, while at the same time try to pull the curtains open to welcome more sunlight.

Improve lighting and small coup 2

Mirroring the space can visually make the room more open. If you hang a decorative mirror on the wall facing the window, you can harvest more light and scenery.

Improve lighting and small coup 3. Change the color of the windowsill

A darker sill will make the window look dull, and you can try to change it to a new one. The light-colored background will make the whole more refreshing.

Improve the lighting of small coup 4, extend the curtain hanging rod

If the curtain hangers are not long enough, the lighting area of ​​some windows will be blocked. Extending the length of the curtain hanger is the only solution that can make idle windows work.

Improve lighting and small coup 5, clever use of shutters

In the small-sized apartment, many windows are of long type, and the choice of curtains will be very particular. It is recommended to choose the blind type as much as possible. It can make the best use of the lighting function of the windows, improve the quality of indoor lighting and the overall atmosphere.

In general, maintaining a natural light source and respecting the design of existing lighting methods is a principle that interior design should follow. Therefore, the natural lighting in the room is not only functional, it also contains the ingenuity of design and can improve the comfort of living.

Small apartment renovation home knowledge decoration experience

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